Change Enablement Partnership Program

We enable partners to create stories of innovation and change direct to their own clients.

Transferring our capability solutions and immersions to our partners enhances and differentiates their individual value propositions and, in the process, grows their business.

We are all about sharing access to our world-class, high impact learning experiences with those who take a human-centred approach to what they do and how they making things better.

Our program seeks to build a dynamic and diverse program of wisdom and expertise that reaches across the Asia-pacific region and the globe.

As a change and innovation training partner with Change Enablement, you’ll be certified to deploy and deliver these award-winning innovation and change workshops and maintain the integrity of your existing and future client relationships.

Whether you are a corporate enterprise looking for new inhouse learning and development content and capabilities or a consultancy, educator or trainer seeking to deepen your offerings and toolkit.

Sounds like what you need? Then contact us to learn more about our approach to building creativity & change capability and the workshops in which our partners are certified in.

Some of our amazing partners