Creativity and Innovation

“Change begins with ideas”

At Change Enablement, we have partnered with an award-winning training company that develops innovation and change management workshops that are transforming the way people learn, manage change and solve complex problems.

The ExperiencePoint Method trains people and organisations

We know that training people how to innovate is only half of the journey towards creating a lasting culture of innovation. Equally important is our principle that organisations need teaching too. Why? Organisations, like people, can be creatures of habit. Old routines and behaviours that impede innovation can be stubbornly entrenched in company culture through traditional systems, structures and norms.

That’s why there are two key components to the ExperiencePoint innovation capability system:

The Right Skills and the Right Conditions.


Learn to fall in love with problems instead of solutions

Gain the essentials of human-centered design.

ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware introduces your team to the mindsets, habits and tools of creative thinkers in a fun and engaging workshop built in collaboration with IDEO. If you want your people to begin putting customers and colleagues at the centre of day-to-day decisions, this experience is a great place to start.

Does your team chase ideas that ultimately miss the mark?

Stop investing in ideas that: 

    X Overlook user needs
    X Trust assumptions
    X Limit diverse perspectives
    X Resist feedback
    X Jump to conclusions


This workshop is the right fit if you’re looking for:  

Format: In-Person or Virtual
Time commitment: 1½ – 4 hours
Capacity: 20+ participants
Delivery: A live ExperiencePoint certified facilitator*

Unlock your team’s potential.

Empower your team to work better.

In 90 minutes, your people will learn the essentials of human-centered problem solving by developing these critical power skills:


  • Inspire new ways of thinking by asking user-centered questions
  • Learn to identify and consider the needs of extreme users


  • Ideate better by practicing collaborative ways to brainstorm
  • Learn to select ideas with possibilities over ones that are safe


  • Build prototypes to think through new ideas
  • Learn to give feedback in a meaningful way and improve those ideas

What people are saying: 

“A fast-paced, interactive and well-designed simulation of the innovation process that helps participants learn and practice the skill sets and unlock the mindsets of creative problem-solving.”
– Nathan Paterson, IDEO Tokyo

“The workshop encourages your creative confidence.” – Jimena Arrieta, Alicorp S.A.A.