Change Leadership

There is no “right way” or single methodology that guarantees change success.

Change Enablement will collaborate, co design and deliver a human centric change capability road map for organisations. This will enable the right people in the right roles to have the skills, knowledge and tools to lead and manage change in a way that fits in with your culture.We will be on the journey with you as change capability and maturity grow and can build workshops to suit all levels of your organisation.

As a result of our partnership with global leader , we have a variety of approaches to offer you and your change learning.These include innovation and change management workshops that are transforming the way people learn, manage change and solve complex problems.

Change Simulation Workshops

ExperienceChange™ simulates a year-in-the-life of a team leading change. It creates a safe reference point for people to consider and make progress on their own initiatives. Backed by over 20 years of research, industry insights and results, it combines proven approaches with hands-on practice in an engaging, low-risk, high-impact experience.

Primed for new possibilities, a participant’s energy is then directed to real work on project accelerators such as:

  • understanding the business imperative
  • engaging with key stakeholders
  • co-creating the vision
  • motivating and mobilising the organisation
  • experimenting to generate quick wins.



This workshop is the right fit if you’re looking for:  

  • Format: In-Person or Virtual
  • Time commitment: Half day or Full day workshop solutions
  • Capacity: 20+ participants
  • Delivery: A live ExperiencePoint certified facilitator*

Used in training development programs, project-team launches, team building, conferences and events