Building Enterprise Change Solutions across Australasia

We equip leaders, managers and employees with the knowledge and skills to creatively lead and adopt change to achieve organisational success.

Our Solutions

Creativity and Innovation

Learn to love problems instead of solutions, the essentials of human-centered design.

Change Leadership

When change keeps coming, how do you keep everyone aligned, engaged, and moving forward?

Consulting and advising

As your trusted change partner, we offer expertise through workshops, coaching, and customized consulting for effective transformation.

Change Planning

Ensure that leaders are best informed and empowered to make the right decisions at the right time and change managers can plan across all types of organisational change.

About Change Enablement

Change Enablement is a training and advisory company that equips leaders, managers and employees with the knowledge and skills to effectively adopt change to achieve organisational success.

Change Enablement is backed by over forty years combined experience from the founding directors and the demonstrated success of the methodologies and frameworks of our key global partners.

Our experience and proven track record has helped global organisations of all sizes, across multiple industries and geographical locations to implement effective and sustainable change programs.

Our team helps engage entire organisations in their changes so that it becomes part of their culture – ‘the way things are done around here’.

Why work with Change Enablement?

We support our clients to make creative and innovative change an intrinsic part of an organisations’ culture and a core competency for its people.

We help you build your change capability through a range of courses and workshops tailored for every person across various job roles in any type of organisation.

Our experience shows that successful change outcomes are best achieved in a creative human centric environment and a culture that promotes idea creation where teams are enabled and empowered, and change becomes organisationally embedded as continuous improvement.

Change Enablement will partner with your organisation to make change initiatives successful, sustainable, and rewarding.

Drive Change Successfully in your Organisation

At Change Enablement, we work with organisations at all levels to equip them with the right skills to manage change successfully. We help make change an intrinsic part of an organisation’s culture so that it is ready to handle anything in the constantly changing world. We do this by:

  • Equipping employees to deal with and successfully manage change across all levels of the organisation through our world leading change management courses
  • Preparing organisations through our consulting and advisory services, using the latest methods and techniques in change management, based on the research based Prosci

Contact us today and find out how we can help your organisations navigate the constancy of change by building resilience to change and expertise within your organisations to manage change.

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