Consulting and advisory

Change Enablement will partner with you

We become your trusted change management partner, sharing our resources and expertise through facilitated workshops, onsite and virtual coaching, and customized consulting services using multi program software and helping you deliver on specific programs.

From helping you align resources and manage your change portfolio, to partnering with you to deploy change management on key projects and build capability, we’re here to help.

You get all the training, tools, methodology and support needed to succeed this time, next time, and every time on your must-win projects. And while advancing your organisation’s overall change strategy for today, you’re building your enterprise change capability for tomorrow.

Measure & Achieve Success

We partner with you to set realistic goals, steadily work toward them, and then measure the results. You accelerate success on high-priority projects while individuals thrive in times of change.

Leverage Support, Coaching & Consulting

Our onsite and virtual coaching, plus hands-on change management consultants working alongside your team, help you succeed and your organization build needed change capabilities.

Access Proven Tools & Success Strategies

We couple expert advice with full access to the widest body of change management research and tools in the world, equipping you and your organization with proven, best-practice strategies.

Solutions for Organisations

When your organisation is saturated by change yet needs to adopt new processes or technologies, deliver meaningful results on key projects, or adapt to organisation-wide changes, you need our advisory services.

Our advisory solutions help employees embrace changes in your organization, driving greater success on your must-win projects. They also help you build enterprise change capability and reduce costs over the long term.

Team building

Building a high performing team goes beyond the process and proformas of projects.

It’s about people development, coaching and commitment. We work with our clients to create teams that thrive in complex environments through the development of customised programs that address the critical issues that are holding your team back. In partnership with you, we analyse strengths and identify areas for improvement, explore the dynamics of relationships within the team along with roles and responsibilities. We then equip teams and leaders with the tools they need to build a sense of team work and identity along with motivational strategies to achieve high levels of engagement.

Change communications and stakeholder relations

Enabling change requires compelling, engaging communications.

We are experienced at the strategic and tactical level of change management and when it comes to communications we roll our sleeves up to help you get your message across. With extensive experience in stakeholder and employee engagement we know how to get a clear understanding of the audiences in your organisation and we know how to use this information to tailor change communications that are clear, engaging and influential.

An essential piece of the change enablement puzzle, we will work with you to put in place well-researched, innovative and measurable communication strategies for your organisation.

Complete strategic change management solutions

We teach our clients how to make change management an intrinsic part of an organisations’ culture and a core competency for its people.

Our programs set you and your teams up for enabling change to become natural to everyday work life.

We use research, data and case studies from successful organisations across the world and use specialised software including cloud based applications to identify your organisation’s change maturity level. We also provide a range of change management certification courses tailored for every person across various job roles in any type of organisation.

Coaching and Mentoring

Our ‘coaching the change manager model’ helps newly qualified change practitioners receive post training support so they can apply their learning to benefit your organisation in the shortest possible time.

Unlike other training programs our follow up is personalised and specific to the needs of the individual. This unique approach helps teams to consolidate the skills and knowledge. Our coaches provide specialist input and practical advice on how to apply learnings immediately to their projects.

This confidential, safe online leaning environment is proven to grow the confidence and skills as a change manager so you can realise the benefits of your training investment faster.