Success Stories from Building Prosci Change Capabilities

February 09, 2021

As mighty organisations become even more powerful, communicating change as it happens and getting buy-ins become equally challenging. To manage and fill the gaps, these five organisations from various industries, ranging from software powerhouse to manufacturing turned to Prosci to build their change capability. These organisations took their teams on an epic journey with the power of crystal clear intent of impacting change, and the results have been exponential if not revolutionary.

Read how Prosci change capabilities impacted change across five different industries namely technology, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy and utility. Download the free resources below to gather insights about Prosci Change Management and how it can help pivot your organisation.


Microsoft Increases Customer Adoption Rates

Prosci’s partnership with Microsoft disrupted their whole change management ecosystem that Alistair G. Lowe-Norris, Microsoft’s Global Director of Adoption and Change Management Strategy, called Prosci “the global leader in the professional discipline of change management”.

Microsoft began the search for a change management methodology with two requirements: first, it must have a worldwide reputation that would be recognised by Microsoft customers as the professional

discipline’s global leader. Second, it must quickly scale to reach all customer-facing professionals at Microsoft with the ability to grow into an internal capability that would reach 250,000 stakeholders. Prosci fit both of these requirements.

For Microsoft’s change initiatives to take deeper roots, the change management team consisting of 25 members had to increase. From the initial goal of certifying 500 change practitioners, Microsoft experienced much higher demand for change management practitioner training than they expected that they sent over 2,250 people through the Prosci Change Management Certification Program.

In addition, the format of Microsoft’s relationship with Prosci (which included an Enterprise Change Management License), allowed Microsoft to customise and scale Prosci offerings to fit the needs of its diverse groups. Part of this customisation included publishing a self-serve guide to the complete suite of the Prosci change management training, tools and resources, as they apply to Microsoft.

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Global Manufacturing Organisation Embeds Change Management

For this manufacturing company, Prosci applied change adoption by dividing it into phases. First phase was by boosting internal department capability and preparation for capability build and the second phase was by deploying change management organisation-wide.

While the organisation had historically been very successful at project management, growing success led to significant growth goals with very big people implications. While the leadership team within Human Resources knew that a change management capability would be necessary to accomplish the organisation’s overall goals, they also knew that much of the organisation was not yet ready to begin a capability build. This was where Prosci came in. Not only did employees gain the tools and resources to facilitate change, but they also gained a renewed attitude towards change and new initiatives. As the organisation’s Senior HR Director said, “As tools and processes are added or changed, people feel like they are coming along the journey. They don’t feel like things are being done to them; they feel like change is being done with them.” This in turn has resulted in projects with high employee engagement, less negativity, and more project success.

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Academic Health System Embraces Change Management for Integration and Leadership Strategies

The challenge for this particular academic health system was to apply change management on two Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integrations as a demonstration of enterprise change capability and leadership competency. The integration planning stage included a focus on sponsorship, on sizing and scoping the project from a change management perspective, and then on creating the five change management plans Prosci recommends for project success.

Once the team was named and assembled, they began to outline the necessary plans for project success. Everyone involved in the integration knew that change management was more than communication or training, they knew it included all five plans. As effective change sponsorship is the most critical success factor of a change initiative, according to research, the first activity that the change management team took on was creating a sponsor coalition and implementing a series of biweekly sponsor meetings where they engaged and educated sponsors by coaching them as well as the end-users.

Multiple departments now either have a certified change practitioner or are using the Prosci methodology and tools. In addition, the Integration Office now has a repeatable and proven process for addressing the people side of change for ERP integrations, and the organisation as a whole now has demonstrable behaviours around change leadership.

With the success of change management for the ERP implementation, change management is playing an even larger part in the activation of a new multi-million dollar hospital. For this project, the change management work includes formal change management training with managers and staff.

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Global Bank Establishes Change Management as Core Capability

Prosci’s pragmatic and replicable approach to managing change attracted an international bank with over 80,000 employees and 16 million clients worldwide which recognised an increased need for organisational change

management capability. Senior executives set a mandate to execute on change in a more structured way, and even commissioned an Organisational Effectiveness (OE) team to determine a plan and a strategy.

Applying Prosci methodologies for this large, complex, diverse and global organisation meant designing the operating model, aligning frameworks, building capability and competence, engaging the community of practice, and capitalising on strong sponsorship.

In a deliberate process that spanned 18 months, the OE Center of Excellence worked to align Prosci’s change approach with the mature program framework already in place at the bank. This community also hosts regular online and in-person webinars and learning opportunities and has become popular as a one-stop shop to learn about change management and network with colleagues across the business. The journey to establish change management as a core capability continues to be strengthened given the dynamics and ever-changing environment within the industry.

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Energy and Utility Company Leads the Way Toward Enterprise Change Management Competency

From the very beginning, energy and utility company AVANGRID’s approach to building an enterprise-wide change management capability was structured and intentional. The company’s leadership recognised the need to become more agile in order to quickly respond to the unique challenges of a global company as well as the evolution of the utility industry. Change management became a key strategic initiative.

They invested in a Prosci site license and completed their Change Management Roadmap. The Roadmap outlined a plan to implement change management at an enterprise level in two separate ways on select projects with significant employee impacts and through a Change Agent Network.

A customised change management boot camp was designed to include basic change management tools, interactive exercises and immediately applicable takeaways. In addition, the Change Management Office (CMO) established a series of optional interactive webinars designed to provide awareness to employees about changes underway to people, processes, and technology that are transforming the organisation and the industry.

By completing very thorough and well-documented change management plans and regularly reporting demonstrated successes, the CMO quickly gained the trust and respect of leadership, both within the U.S. and in their parent company, prompting them to also invest in the Prosci change management methodology, utilising the Prosci affiliate CMC Partnership for training.

AVANGRID also made the conscious decision to send its change management staff to public Prosci-instructed Change Management Certification Programs. Not only did this ensure a quality training experience for their practitioners, but it also exposed employees to participants from other industries to share experiences.

Up to this day, the company is still working to implement change management in day-to-day business operations.

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