Change Enablement has partnered with Prosci and is a member of the Prosci Global Affiliation Network (GAN) – the world leaders in benchmarking research and change management products. For over 18 years Prosci has been undertaking ground breaking research and their suite of products are utilised by our team to transform the overall competence of organisations. We do this to build the capabilities of people in a way that empowers them to embrace and support change.

Prosci’s tools and methodology is based on best practices research involving over 3400 international organisations and is used by more than three quarters of all Fortune 100 companies. Today, the Prosci methodology is one of the most widely used approaches to managing the people side of change in business and government across the world.

Founded as a research company, Prosci has published eight longitudinal studies creating one of the largest bodies of knowledge in the change management field. The most recent report released in 2014 included input from 822 companies across six continents. We use the data and learning from this research to inform our own training and consulting practices.

Prosci’s research based approach is easy to use and has a holistic approach. It analyses, plans and implements the people side of change and aligns it with project management and organisational leadership.

The Change Enablement and Prosci approach is about coaching key people in an organisation to equip them to manage change. Prosci is about effectively teaming up with the people in organisations that are decision makers and decision enablers. Change managers are enablers and our change management trainers and advisors build the knowledge that organisations require to manage change effectively.

Our Prosci certified programs include change management programs designed for all levels of an organisation from front line facing employees, project teams to executive and leadership programs.

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