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Unpack the Prosci ADKAR Change Management Model

The Prosci method of comprehensive, well-structured Change Management clearly highlights the need for 5 critical components—Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. Commonly abbreviated as ADKAR, these 5 can bring about an easy way to fix problems and be better prepared for arising challenges and opportunities. The Prosci ADKAR model is also aimed at streamlining changes, no matter how subtle or deep-rooted, at the individual and organizational level. When this goal-oriented model is applied to an organization, a Change Management team and its leaders focus on what changes can be brought for various individuals, across people that make-up an establishment. This logic is simple to understand. Unless people don’t transform, a business cannot really evolve. For smoother application of desired changes across individual and organizational levels, there is always a chance that new tools might be needed apart from new models, frameworks, ideas and perhaps a newer way of thinking. This is when the ADKAR model comes into play for carrying out a change successfully…

Implementing ADKAR in Change Management Process

Each step of the ADKAR model can be implemented across all procedures related to Change Management. Let’s see how this works:

Understanding Change Dynamics

There are 2 dynamics that cumulatively result in successful implementation of change—the people side and the business side. For using the ADKAR model effectively, you must have a thorough understanding of all factors that come into play at the initial level and their impact on the effectiveness of changes, no matter how big or small.

The People Side of Change

Problems with the people side are the most common reasons for any business transformation project derailing. Bringing about changes in any established system is most likely to be traumatic if change management is not sympathetic about the people involved. Implementing new processes, skills-based trainings, or skill enrichment workshops requires careful handling of the people involved. The ADKAR model is about deploying goal-oriented steps but also blending this within the working mannerisms of people who need to undergo the change.

The Business Side of Change

The business aspect of change is essentially about the organization. It includes the following phases and elements of a project requiring alterations, some continuous and some needing few adjustments:

Deploying Change at Personal Level and its Impact on the Organization…

Individual-level changes can need careful handling. Every person in the team must adapt any transformations that have been adopted by the organization. The ADKAR model is the best way to facilitate changes for an individual, ensuring goals, methods and the results are well explained. Each person should:


ADKAR model can be the keystone of any organizational transformation. It is uniquely conscious about employee roles with a clear emphasis on valuing human resources, making them better prepared for a planned transition. This model can help key decision-makers like you identify loopholes in business strategies. Each step of this goal-oriented model respect success journey of each individual who contributes to it. Implement this model with the assurance that personal growth stories within the organization and business transformation will be aligned better, streamlined for real, undeniable success!

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