Celebrating our 5th Anniversary in Australia

Celebrating our 5th Anniversary in Australia

May 07, 2021

There are special occasions when you have so many things to say that you run out of things to say! That is exactly how it is like for us at Change Enablement as we celebrate our corporate birthday. So, we are just keeping it short with a message of gratitude to all our supporters. Thank you for leading change with us for the past 5 years! Reaching fifth year in the business is a milestone, and it would not be possible without you.

If you just discovered our digital space for change management right here, welcome. Feel free to browse through our pages, and you just might find for yourself an insight or two about change management! If you just come across our site, please allow us to tell you a little more about us. Change Enablement is a training, coaching and advisory company. We equip leaders, managers and employees with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead and adopt change in order to achieve organisational success. Our company is backed by over fifty years combined experience from the founding directors and the rigour of a research-based change methodology. Our experience and proven track record has helped organisations of all sizes, across multiple industries and geographical locations to implement effective and sustainable change programs.

Our trainers and coaches are high calibre professionals who share our values of execution excellence, honesty and ethical standards. They have worked across multiple industries for at least ten years or more. They are all experts in their respective fields and hands-on pragmatic individuals.

Thank you gift

Our mission is to drive successful change outcomes in Australia and across the Asia Pacific. Change Enablement will partner with your organisation to make change initiatives successful, sustainable and rewarding. Which is why, as a token of gratitude, we are giving an EARLY BIRD PROMO on our next Prosci Workshop. If you have been planning to get equipped with change management tools and strategies for years, feel free to send us a message to start your team or self-expansion this year. Because any year is a good year to learn and change!

Again, thank you from all of us at Change Enablement. Here’s to more years of leading people and change projects!

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